Toner, Printer ink, Printer cartridges, Ink cartridges
Toner, Printer ink, Printer cartridges, Ink cartridges
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Fund Raising - Printer Cartridges Program

Toner, Printer ink, Printer cartridges, Ink cartridges

" and inkXpress are stars!  I love getting donations without even trying."
Kay - Childrens Food Education

This Fund Raising program is about achieving a “Win Win” for all parties!

In summary this Fund Raising program provides:

  • "Set and Forget" minimal involvement
  • A very high quality product
  • At the very lowest prices, giving the consumer significant savings!
  • Contributes funds to your School, Club or Charity throughout the year, including during school holidays!
  • Provides something that people continually need, at home and in the office (especially parents of school age children)
  • Ease of Use, via a secure on-line Web Site
  • Ease of Monitoring funds via a secure on-line Web Site

    Read what our customers have said about us: TESTIMONIALS
FUND RAISING  - The inkXpress Solution

QUALITY - inkXpress is a wholesaler of High Quality printer cartridges, indeed some of these products were recently tested by Australian PC User Magazine and the results published in the May 2004 edition.

"the prints from these cartridges were a little better than other C43UX cartridges including Epson's"

Fund raising,printer cartridges

Australian PC User Magazine May 2004

LOW PRICE - As a wholesaler of these products inkXpress is able to pass on substantial cost savings directly to the “User”, (whilst maintaining excellent quality). See examples of the savings.

FUND RAISING - In addition to the exceptional pricing that purchasers will achieve, they have the option (at no cost to themselves) to select a beneficiary (from a list of approved schools, charities, clubs etc) to receive a 10% donation (on all inkXpress branded products).

Including: Facsimile, Laser printer cartridges, inkjet cartridges, and Refills.

The program runs throughout the year (including school holidays) and of course funds can be boosted at any time by further awareness campaigns.

COMMUNITY ACCEPTANCE - The very nature of the product is one that the majority of Australian families and businesses need or replace on a frequent basis (over 59% of all Australians now own at least one printer).

Saving $$$ on printer cartridges, in addition to Fund Raising for the school, club or charity is regarded as highly acceptable.

“It is something we want and can use, and do not feel obliged to buy; it is a no-brainer”
Member of a P&C fund raising committee

EASE OF OPERATION – Once your school, club, or charity are registered the whole process operates over the internet from a secure on-line Web Site.

Customers can order and donate all whilst on-line, in a matter of minutes. The amount of funds donated can be monitored by an authorised person within the school, club or charity.

These funds will be distributed by inkXpress based upon pre-agreed values or time periods (i.e. $50, $100 etc or monthly, quarterly etc) to the agreed account of the beneficiary.

The only involvement required by the school, club or charity is the “AWARENESS” campaign.

For example announcements in Newsletters, website links etc.

Obviously the more promotion the greater the return!

It has been referred to as a “set and forget” program, as once advertised it runs (with Funds accumulating) until it is next advertised, requiring little or no input or overhead from the school etc.

Delivery in most cases will be next business day.

The funds that are allocated to each participating entity can be viewed on a secure website by an approved person.

In addition to the ease of operation of the program the “User” will have access to the inkXpress Web Site that will provide many tips and advice on printers, printer calibration, digital photography, and printer reviews etc.

REGISTRATION – Simply complete the Fund Raising Application Form. Once approved, your school, club or charity, will then be added to the Web Site for people to select for donation. A password to enable you to check the progress of your fund raising will be sent to you. 

Examples of the Savings
Manufacturers Product Code Description InkXpress Price (Compatible cartridge) Original Manufacturer  Product Price Fund Raising Contribution % Savings
Inkjet Cartridges
Canon BCI-6BK
Black $6.33 $19.80 $0.57 68.00%
Canon BCI-24B Black $6.05 $11.88 $0.55 49.07%
Epson T0591 Black $10.45 $19.80 $0.95 47.22%
Brother LC47BK Black $11.55 $30.80 $1.05 62.50%
Laser Printer Cartridges
HP C3903A Black Laser $60.50 $118.25 $5.50 48.84%
HP Q2610A
Black Laser $81.40 $155.10 $7.40 47.52%
HP C7115A Black Laser $63.80 $82.39 $5.80 22.56%
HP Q2612A Black Laser $68.20 $94.05 $6.20 27.49%



Toner, Printer ink, Printer cartridges, Ink cartridges
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